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Chantel and I are passionate about rescuing infants and children abandoned and orphaned by AIDS and extreme poverty in South Africa. As parents, we know it’s not enough to just offer them a bed in an institution. We want to be a part of providing children with a family that will care for them and solve the complex problems that surround the orphan crisis. We have partnered with good friends Ryan and Gerda Audagnotti who founded Acres of Love in 1998. They now have over 30 Forever Family Homes in South Africa that impact over 200 children who once were orphaned. 

We don’t want to just participate - we want to fund a new home that will offer 6-8 children everything a family provides; unconditional love, amazing medical care, the best education, and dignity.

You may be asking what hooked Chantel and I with this; we realized that 80% of the world’s wealth is in America, while 80% of people in need live outside the US. More importantly, caring for the widow and the orphan is essential to God’s heart and agenda. As you know, our family has been touched with special needs as it relates to Lil’ Noah’s Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

When we heard about the amazing and individualized care Acres of Love is able to give children who are orphaned with special needs, we realized we wanted to be on board.

Current Total RaisedThe initiative: Our goal is to begin raising support for our Ingane (pronounced in-gah-nay) Forever Family Home immediately through gifts and reoccurring monthly gifts. We are partnering with a donor who has committed to purchase the home once we have secured three years of operating costs, and our goal is to raise enough funds to operate the home for ten years.

About the name: Ingane is Zulu for “The Kid.” Noah’s series of The Kid in Me is the theme of how we can herald compassion for the child within and meet the needs of children that cannot provide for themselves.

We reached our goal for year one! It costs $90,000 to underwrite the living expenses, medical care, and educational needs of children who will be rescued and reside in the Ingane Forever Family Home for one year. The Acres of Love Forever Family Homes are located geographically in the best suburban neighborhoods to provide the best care and direction for the children, with access to the very best schools and medical care. 

Goal 1: To raise year one of operating costs at $90,000 (attained)

Goal 2: To raise 3 years of underwriting costs totaling $270,000

Goal 3: To raise 10 years of underwriting costs totaling $1,000,000

We are asking you to consider partnering with us in this initiative. We have our sights on even bigger goals of underwriting more homes in the future but we are starting with the Ingane Forever Family Home.


Current Total Raised Goal 2How you can give: We have set up this page to provide you with ways you can partner with us. Some have expressed the desire to have a monthly auto pay be drafted from their account. Some have opted for the one time amount to be deducted. Others have asked for a reoccurring yearly draft be made. 

As we focus on reaching Goal 2, would you consider making a reoccuring donation? It could really help us reach our $270,000 goal and establish the Ingane Forever Family Home.

We can’t do this alone. Will you join us? Help us establish and sustain the Ingane Forever Family Home to be a haven to nurture, restore and provide unconditional love for the most vulnerable children who will be entrusted into our care.

All donations are deposited directly with Acres of Love (ask me about this ministry if you are unfamiliar with it). A tax-deductible receipt will be emailed to the address provided below. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.  To visit the Acres of Love site and watch the video overview please click:





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